How to Plan Eco-Friendly Safari Holidays in Kenya
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How to Plan Eco-Friendly Safari Holidays in Kenya

Going on an African safari has topped people’s bucket lists for years.

Sadly, some travelers get too overwhelmed with the idea of planning a safe African trip in regards to the environment. While that is a legitimate concern, there is no reason it should scare you out of going.

Others with interest in safari’s don’t go because of the impact they hear safaris can have on the animals. If you’re worried about safety, animal conservation or the environment, don’t be. We’ve put together a guide on the friendliest safari holidays Kenya has to offer.


The answer to your safari needs is a company that specializes in its commitment to eco-tourism. Eco- tourism is a relatively new term, but not an old idea.

Have you ever been on a camping trip or hiking trail and seen a sign saying “pack in pack out“? For those who haven’t, this is a mantra meaning that you should leave the environment as you found it.

When you go out into the wild, you want to do your best to leave nothing but footprints on the ground. This is the idea of eco-tourism. Those committed to it don’t want to keep people from enjoying nature, they want to preserve it.

Going on safari holidays in Kenya

Their goal is to keep the environment as safe and natural as possible so more people can see it in the future. If we ruin the environment with unsafe practices now, it won’t be worth seeing for generations to come.

When it comes to the safari holidays Kenya has to offer, only the best companies commit to this difficult practice. They know that the difficulties of conserving their environment are great, but the importance of conserving it is greater.

What to Look For

Now that you know the importance of picking an ethical safari company, you can look at your choices. When you’re considering safari holidays Kenya companies offer, here’s what to look for.

How will you be getting there? Since the reserves in Kenya are remote, this poses a challenge. Most camps are only accessible by plane and planes are not environmentally friendly. Consider calculating the carbon emissions costs of your trip and offsetting them.

Since the reserves in Kenya are remote, this poses a challenge. Most camps are only accessible by plane and planes are not environmentally friendly. Consider calculating the carbon emissions costs of your trip and offsetting them.

The company that you pick needs to show that it has committed to conservation efforts. This comes in different ways. When picking a company, the best thing to do is to look for what agencies they work with.

If the company works closely with or recognized by a conservation agency, then you’re on a good path. Eco Tourism Kenya is an organization that recognizes responsible safari companies.

Another way to tell if the company’s commitment to eco-tourism is to see if they mention it on their page. You want to hear, in their words, that they’re willing to make sacrifices to keep their land healthy.

Eco-tourism’s only consideration isn’t the earth, thought that’s a big one. Especially in Africa, the health of the local tribes and native people is a consideration. Whenever possible you want to choose locally owned businesses.

Businesses who are locally owned spread their wealth throughout the community. They’re more likely to choose local employees and care about their land since it’s their home.

When you contacting companies about safari holidays in Kenya, ask what food they serve. To be eco-friendly, local delicacies are what you want to look for. Eating locally sourced food cuts down on transport and packaging costs of imported food.

Red Flags

Some safari holidays Kenya has to offer are not committed to eco-tourism. How do you find out which ones those are? The first indicator would be the lack of indications on their website but there are subtle signs too.

Using an eco-friendly safari company doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your comfort. Remember though that you’re in the African bush, not a five-star resort. The point of safari holidays Kenya and other countries offer is to appreciate nature.

Beware of companies that brag about their accommodation star rating or quality. You want to experience the luxury of the countryside. Accommodations should be comfortable, but not over the top.

In the middle of the nature reserves, think how much energy it takes just to transport energy. If your company brags about how it’s tents are always air conditioned to the max, keep that in mind. Air conditioning costs a lot of energy, especially the lower you set the thermostat.

The size of vehicles taken out into the bush is also a consideration. Large buses take a lot of fuel and are loud and large, which disturbs the animals. Look for a company that offers range rovers. These are the safest vehicles with the smallest footprint for the bush land.

Where to Go When on Safari Holidays Kenya

Now that you know what to consider for the environment, ask yourself what you want to see. There are many different offerings for activities in Kenya. It’s too simple to say you want to see the animals.

One way to choose between all the choices that safari holidays Kenya companies offer is to start with the number of days you have. The country cannot be explored in its entirety in less than ten days, which is the longest most companies offer.

If you don’t have ten days, you can choose specifically what you’d like to see. The Maasai Mara reserve is a good choice for shorter trips. Three to five days will be enough time to explore this richly animal populated land.

If you have longer to spend in Kenya, consider climbing mount Kenya. It’s sixteen km from the equator and snow-capped. A guide will take you up safely and the views from the top are unmatched.

Some of these attractions, like climbing mount Kenya, can be added onto your journey as a day trip.

The African countryside and bushland are breathtaking. The closeups you see of nature and animals in the wild will be with you for a lifetime. When you choose to go, make sure you consider eco-friendly companies.

You want to make sure there is wonder left to be seen for future travelers. What African wonder are you excited to see?

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