Safari Kenya: What You’ll Experience Beyond Wildlife
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Safari Kenya: What You’ll Experience Beyond Wildlife

Kenya is a country with a long and rich history, so it’s no wonder that so many travelers come to witness its wonders firsthand.

Nairobi, Kenya’s bustling capital city, exposes travelers to the country’s unique and vibrant culture while landmarks like Lake Victoria and Diani Beach stun with breathtaking views.

What brings so many to the country, though, is the opportunity to participate in the kind of safari Kenya alone can offer.

All safaris present a chance to observe native wildlife, and a Kenyan safari is no different. But the experience of the safari Kenya is known for goes beyond animal sightings.

If you’re considering booking a Kenyan safari, you should know that there are wonders to be seen that will exceed your expectations of what a safari can be.

Read on to learn more about the unique experience of a Kenyan safari and why you should book one today.

1. Take a Day Trip to the City

When you picture a safari, you probably envision an open-air vehicle and a dirt road lined by wildlife. But the kind of safari Kenya can offer goes far beyond that so you can experience the country as a whole.

Taking a day trip into Nairobi as part of your safari will open your eyes to the true culture of Kenya.

Stop by one of the city’s bustling markets and shop for artifacts, art, books, and souvenirs. Plan a visit to the Karen Blixen Museum to learn about the author who published ‘Out of Africa.” Taste the delicious stews and barbequed game meat that are a part of the local cuisine.

If you want to take part in all that Kenya has to offer, be sure to include a stop in Nairobi as part of your safari.

2. Visit Amboseli National Park

If you’ve ever felt that what you see of Africa in movies can’t possibly match reality, a visit to Amboseli National Park should change your mind. Experiencing the views of this park is like stepping onto a Hollywood set, only it’s even more magical in person.

That’s largely because of Mount Kilimanjaro. The world’s highest free-standing mountain makes a perfect backdrop for the rolling savannah of Amboseli National Park, and the combination of the two settings is guaranteed to stun.

A trip to Amboseli National Park also gives tourists an opportunity to experience the culture of the Maasai Tribe. The Maasai people of Kenya practice traditions that harken back to the tribe’s 15th-century arrival in Africa. Their culture, dress, and values are distinctly theirs, and visitors to Kenya often enjoy the chance to witness their unique way of life.

Safari kenya experience wildlife, sightseeing, culture and learn history of the country

3. Climb Mount Kenya

Climbing Mount Kenya via the Chogoria route is a challenging adventure, but the payoff is well worth it. It is another unique aspect to a safari Kenya is able to offer.

The climb ascends on the windward side of the mountain and takes hikers past the spectacular Georges Valley. Other highlights of the climb include a view of Lake Michaelson, a visit to the Nithi Falls, camping on Lake Ellis and passing through incredible wilderness all along the way.

After reaching the summit of Point Lenana Peak, spend the night relaxing at a well-stocked campsite, enjoying the incredible sunset and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

Another option for those looking for a less challenging climb is to ascend via the Sirimon route and then descend on the Chogoria. This option makes it easier for hikers to acclimate to altitude gains along the way, without sacrificing any of the incredible views.

All hikes are scheduled over multiple days to accommodate a comfortable climbing pace, so you can enjoy your surroundings while taking on an exhilarating physical challenge.

4. Explore an Inactive Volcano

One of the best views in Kenya can be found at the top of Mount Longonot, an inactive volcano that represents the typical volcanic roots of the Great Rift Valley.

Mount Longonot peaks at 2700m above sea levels, and anyone willing to take a day to complete the hike will be rewarded with one of the best views in all of Kenya.

Though the ascent does get steep, the crater rim overlooks the Lake Naivasha area of Kenya and allows you to see the landscape from an entirely new perspective.

And, because the climb is only a day trip, it’s a great option for those travelers who want a hike without having to commit to a multiple day excursion.

5. Spend Your Evenings Relaxing, Eating, and Drinking

The best safari Kenya has to offer is a chance to get out and explore the nature, wildlife, and culture of this unique country. When you choose to venture out on a safari in Kenya, you are signing up for days packed with activities.

But part of the safari experience is also what happens at night after the game drives and cultural visits and hikes have ended.

You can spend your evenings relaxing in comfortable accommodations, eating delicious local cuisine and enjoying a glass of wine or beer. Recount the views of the day, scroll through your vacation photos and make plans for the following day’s adventures.

Some safaris may encourage you to “rough it,” but in reality, the safari experience should be as relaxing as it is adventurous. Taking to time to decompress and get a good night’s sleep will leave you better prepared to enjoy the rest of your time in Kenya.

Ready to Book the Best Safari Kenya Can Offer?

No matter what safari experience you choose, it should offer you the chance to explore the diversity of Kenya’s landscape and culture. All safaris will expose you to the country’s native wildlife, but it’s important to remember that there’s so much more to see.

We are proud to offer itineraries that can suit your budget and your timeline and can be tailored to the activities that you want to embark on. Any safari you choose will offer you a vacation unlike any you’ve had before.

For more information on our itineraries or to book a safari, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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