Visit Kenya’s Elephant Sanctuary and Adopt an Elephant!
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Visit Kenya’s Elephant Sanctuary and Adopt an Elephant!

Kenya Destinations To Visit: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

From national parks boasting an abundance of wildlife to climbing the highest peak in Africa, it’s easy to see why visitors choose Tanzania or Kenya destinations to visit on vacation.

Attractions in Kenya include abandoned ghost towns, white sandy beaches, dense forests, impressive architecture and even tea plantations.

Tanzania doesn’t disappoint either, with gushing waterfalls, top snorkeling spots, natural hot springs and the world-famous Mount Kilimanjaro.

But a must do in Tanzania and Kenya destinations is the African Safari! This doesn’t have to be a “back to basics” experience, it can be done with style and luxury.

Wild lions, elegant giraffes, mischievous monkies and hefty hippos, can all be spotted around the plains of Africa.

One impressive creature, that is not to be forgotten, is the majestic elephant!

But this beautiful animal is in danger, why?

Read on to find out…

A Guide To Kenya Destinations And Elephant Adoption

The Sad Life of an Elephant

According to research elephants are extremely intelligent, they can recognize their own bodies as obstacles in problem-solving and can even identify themselves in a mirror!

But unfortunately, this perceptive and awesome creature is often hunted and killed.

Poaching is still rampant throughout Africa. The main reason for this hunting is to supply the illegal ivory trade.

About 20,000 African elephants were killed last year for their tusks, more than were born.

Another problem elephants face is dissension among humans, deforestation, drought, and loss of habitat.

Who protects the vulnerable and voiceless?

One of the most famous Kenya destinations to visit is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, they have spent much time and effort in rescuing these vulnerable creatures.

Keep reading to find out how extensive their work is, and what you can do to help!

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Out all of Kenya destinations to visit, this has got to be the best one.

The trust was founded in 1977 by Dame Daphne Sheldrick and dedicates itself to saving the lives of abandoned and orphaned elephants.

This busy Wildlife Trust has, so far, successfully hand-raised over 150 infant elephants.

Their goal isn’t to keep the elephants forever, but to care for them in their young age, and rehabilitate them until they are strong and independent enough to be sent back out to the wild.

These kind and caring keepers look after the baby elephants and give them the love and care they would have received from their mother and from other females in the herd.

This is important because the after their birth, the babies would have stayed with their mother and drank her milk for a period of 22 months. That’s the longest of any mammal.

Many keepers even sleep beside the young infants throughout the night to give that needed loving attention.

Yes, this rescue center is built on real love and concern for these majestic, yet badly mistreated animals.

kenya destinations to visit elepehants

Visiting the Elephant Nursery

The burnt red soil ground, fringed by the greenery of the forest is the backdrop to this unique elephant sanctuary.

When you visit during the morning and wait for the scheduled time, all the elephants make their way to the enclosure, where their keepers are eagerly waiting to meet them.

Each keeper has two large bottles filled with a special milk formula for the baby elephants.

This carefully prepared milk was invented by Dame Sheldrick, who worked hard to find a formula that was suitable to raise the baby elephants without their mothers.

The hungry babies charge towards their breakfast and enjoy their fill.

Afterwards, they roam around their large enclosure. Some play and roll in the mud and others enjoy exploring the foliage.

A few elephants are shy and stay in the background, while others come and see who the visitors are. You may even be able to touch their surprisingly rough and hairy skin!

You will no doubt enjoy filling up your cameras memory card with hundreds of photos of these cute infants…

And don’t forget to take a selfie!

During this whole experience, one of the keepers will be on hand with a microphone explaining facts and figures about these endangered creatures. The keepers will also introduce you to the elephants, and tell you their names.

Yes, each elephant has its own name, and own unique personality!

Many tourists that take the time to see this conservation project do it to see the cute baby elephants. But most, if not all, leave with a deeper understanding of the troubles these magnificent creatures go through.

Many decide that they must do their part to help!

Do Your Part

Visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Africa is most likely “a once in a lifetime opportunity”. You can give a donation while you are there, or buy a few trinkets in the gift shop to support the cause. But how can you continue to give support?

There is a way you can furthermore be involved in helping save the lives of the voiceless. How?

You can foster an elephant!

Become a Foster Parent

During your visit to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust or through their website, you can select the elephant you want to sponsor. You will even be able to see photos of the individually named elephants and pick one out yourself.

If you do choose to support this cause, you will also have the chance to enjoy a private afternoon session with your chosen elephant. This will give you the chance to personally meet and greet your foster baby or adult!

You can continually follow your orphans progress via email. And you will also receive a few gifts and keepsakes too.

No doubt you will be deeply satisfied in doing your bit to save these beautiful endangered creatures.

The Best Kenya Destinations

I’m sure you would agree that the best places to visit anywhere in the world, are not only physically stunning but also a fulfilling and humbling experience.

If you decide to visit this special rescue center you will not be disappointed.

Seeing the elephants out in the wild is also a treat not to be missed.

You can check both these things off your bucket list and be the envy of all your friends…

The kindness you show to these magnificent elephants will never be forgotten, because you know what they say?

“An elephant never forgets!”

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