What to Know Before Visiting Kenya for the First Time
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What to Know Before Visiting Kenya for the First Time

Have you always wanted to witness elephants, lions, and tribes of people living off the land? Do you dream of visiting a country that has safaris, mountains, and beaches?

No, this isn’t a history book come to life or an unbelievable setting. It’s how life really is in Africa.

If you’ve considered what it would be like to see this beautiful continent, consider visiting Kenya. Here are some things you should be aware of as you plan your first visit.

Visit the Doctor and Get Your Needed Shots

Shots aren’t something most folks associate with travel. If you are going to countries in Africa, having the correct shots will protect your health.

The diseases you are exposed to there are not ones you would encounter at home, so this is important. Before visiting Kenya, you should have these shots:

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid

This isn’t a complete list. Other shots offer protection and are strongly recommended. Besides the basics, you’ll want to have shots for:

  • Yellow fever
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rabies
  • Chlorea

Make sure you have paperwork documenting your shots. You will be asked for it if you travel to different countries within Africa.

Visiting Kenya

Observe Personal Safety Rules While Visiting Kenya

Traveling to Kenya offers different rules and observations to be aware of. Although the culture is predominately Christian, you should still be aware of personal dress and habits when visiting.

Avoid wearing flashy clothing, jewelry, or showing off expensive electronics while in public. Because of the poverty in Kenya, tourists are viewed as targets by opportunistic individuals. Dressing down minimizes attention to yourself.

Carry a copy of your passport with you at all times. if it becomes lost or separated from you, you’ll have proof of who you are as you work to obtain a new one.

Pack For Your Journey

Traveling to Kenya means you’ll be doing activities you wouldn’t normally do in your own country. from going on a safari to hiking along the mountains, you need the right clothing for your trip.

Bring along items that are breathable such as:

  • T-shirts
  • Shorts
  • Raincoat or poncho
  • Sunglasses and hats

Make sure you have enough clothing changes for your trip. It doesn’t hurt to check with your hotel and see if there is a laundry service available.

Be Aware of The Water Supply

The water supply in Kenya is clean, but your body won’t be used to it. Make sure there is plenty of bottled water available.

The water in your hotel is fine to bathe and brush your teeth with.

Ensure that you are staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids. Walking around in the intense heat and sunlight can leave you dehydrated.

Plan Activities for Your Trip

While visiting Kenya, there are several activities to take part in that you wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else. If a change of pace is on your to-do list, consider putting these activities into your daily plans:

  • Going on a safari to view and take pictures of lions, elephants, and other native animals
  • Hiking a mountain
  • Viewing a ghost town, such as Gedi
  • Swimming in the sea

Give yourself plenty of time to rest up between your outings. You’ll enjoy your outing and have the energy to participate.

Learn Swahili Key Phrases

Natives of Kenya speak English and Swahili. You’ll have few problems finding someone you can understand.

To show a better understanding of the culture, here are a couple of words to help you along:

  • Hujambo: a friendly greeting meaning “Hello, how are you?”
  • Asante means thank you
  • Hatari means “danger” or “stop”

Regardless if you are fluent in Swahili, natives appreciate when a foreigner takes the time to understand and speak their language.

Have a Tour Guide Teach You

Tour guides offer accurate information about the natives and country. When visiting Kenya, you can ask your guide to teach you more about the tribes that live there and their customs.

Two of the most prominent tribes are the Massai and the Samburu. You will find out foods they eat, how they live, and the traditions they pass down to their children.

Your tour guide can alert you to areas that have high poverty. Avoid these places, so you aren’t a target for theft or getting mugged.

Practice Safe Travel if Alone

If you are traveling by yourself, particularly if you’re a female, take extra precautions.

Limit travel to daytime outings. If you go out at night, stay close to the hotel, such as going to the restaurant or bar on the hotel premises.

Meet up with other groups of tourists. You’ll develop new friends and be with folks who are in a similar situation.

Traveling on your own to Keyna can be done. Practice common sense rules and be aware of your surroundings, and you’ll be fine.

Have a Travel Adapter for Electronics

Kenya has reliable electricity. You’ll be able to charge your phone, laptop, and other electronic necessities with no issues at your hotel.

An adapter is necessary to have on hand. Because North American outlets are different than those around most of the world, it’s crucial to have an adapter outlet on your journey.

Read a Guidebook Before Your Trip

Before you plan your visit to Kenya, take time out to read about the area you’re staying at. Get the latest guidebook on the country from a bookstore, and discover important pointers about the area.

Pay attention to:

  • Local places of interest, such as marketplaces
  • What types of hotels to stay at (follow up with reviews online)
  • If certain areas should be avoided

Just as you would in your own country, exercise caution when going out after a certain time. For those traveling alone, meeting up with other travelers at your hotel offers a reasonable amount of safety and fun.

Prepare to Have an Adventure

Going to a new country offers an exhilarating opportunity for those who enjoy travel. When visiting Kenya, take the time to prepare accordingly, so you are safe and ready to have fun.

If you plan on going on a Safari, contact us today. We will assist you in booking a memorable adventure you won’t forget.

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