Safari in Kenya, Africa – General information

Safari in Kenya, Africa is clearly an experience beyond the ordinary. If you want an adventure in the savannah, do not miss a safari. The most famous safari area and the finest game reserve in Kenya, specifically Masai Mara. This is a large savanna region, bordering Tanzania in the southwest corner of Kenya. Masai Mara offers unique scenery and a fantastic wildlife. Moreover, Masai Mara famous for their abundance of lions, so these beautiful animals you are guaranteed to experience at close hand on your safari in Kenya.

Safari in Kenya, Africa include mostly an overnight stay in nature so you get close to the wildlife. There are established camps in secure areas, consisting of tents that have been erected in camping areas. Here you are living the primitive life in the wild, along with the rest of the group. After a day with lots of experiences in the savannah, you return to the camp where your tent and dinner is ready. Safari in Kenya offers accommodation in the open and it will undoubtedly complete the safari experience, because you sleep in the wild side by side with the animals. Also you get time to relax when you silently sitting and watching the sun go down over the big mountains on the horizon. If you are not interested to stay overnight in a tent, there is also the possibility of accommodation in luxury lodges or in a ‘lodge’ where you get a roof over their head. The combination of safari and camping is a unique experience.

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Safari experiences are offered almost everywhere in Kenya, and the amazing experiences are varying with respect to the natural environment and the animals that can be experienced. Masai Mara is an open game reserve, where you get the feeling of being part of a unique experience. Masai Mara is undoubtedly Africa’s most famous safari destination, and you will surely get all your aspirations. When you go on safari in Kenya, you are usually guaranteed a mild weather, so you can seamlessly implement a safari without heat waves. When rain falls, it is almost always in the afternoon or at night, so there is ample opportunity to go on an adventurous safari trip a day, without having to put on rain gear. You are guaranteed a fantastic experience on a safari in Kenya, with ample opportunity to get a unique and eventful experience with safari and camping

It’s in Kenya, you will find the iconic Africa, where herds of zebras grazing under broad-brimmed acacia trees, and lions soak in the sun. But Kenya travel has much more to offer. Far to the north, the desert landscapes into Ethiopia, and along the coast waiting historic trading towns and gorgeous beaches to be explored. In the heart of the country gather flocks of flamingos along the shallow lakes, and in the highlands cultivated wonderful coffee. For those who really want to try their hand with nature, a top snow-cap of Mount Kenya (5199 m.) is recommended. Or how about river rafting on the Tana River?

When you go to Kenya, a classic safari trip to Masai Mara is typically a priority, but there is much more to come in the East African country. Read more about our safari tours in Kenya and safari in Kenya, Africa options available.

Maasai Mara river

Safari in Kenya, Africa

A popular experience in Kenya’s glacier hiking at the equator. Here you get up to trek on Mount Kenya, which is just 16 kilometers from the equator. When you get to the top, you will be captivated by the breathtaking views of the varied landscape.

Furthermore, you can meet the savannah fighters in the Masai Mara. Towards Masai Mara giraffes towering over the plain, wildebeest stares and ostriches spæner of place, and suddenly you see the tall slender Masai herders with spears and red costumes on the roadside. Masai stick to traditional norms and ways of life, and it’s hard to get close to them other than by visiting the villages that fee provides tour. Masai build their huts of earth and cow dung in a circle surrounded by dried shrubs, and here offers the Masai in traditional welcome dance where the men loudly sang jumps high in the air with legs together. Kenya travel is distinctive with their exciting and different culture.

At Lake Nakuru strutting a million pink flamingos around the low, bluish water. The National Park offers plenty of wildlife as aggressive buffalo, ton rhinoceros, spotted hyenas, playful baboons, graceful gazelles, striped zebras and lions climb trees, but it is definitely the flamingos, which makes Lake Nakuru for something completely unique. Around the lake leads small bumpy roads which also pelicans galore belong. You get very close to the many animals that graze peacefully and hunting on the savannah. The Baboon Cliff is an excellent vantage point where one has a good view of the lake and the flamingos.

As part of your safari in Kenya, Africa, enjoy meals at the famous restaurants. The restaurant Carnivore in Nairobi is to meet up with a growling empty stomach, knife sharpened and fork ready for a feast. Waiters jump constantly with long spears directly from the large, open grill and cut the meat directly onto your plate. On the menu you’ll find everything from pork, lamb, cow and chicken to ostrich meatballs and crocodile meat, and you have fast 7:00 to 8:00 different kinds of meat on the plate. Each table has a small flag in a wooden block, and when the stomach is full, lowers to the flag. This may lead to some friendly taunts from waiters who never think that you have eaten enough meat! Carnivore Restaurant has twice been named among the world’s 50 best restaurants.

This is just a small selection of the many unforgettable experiences, Kenya has to offer. Travel to Kenya has something for everyone, and the friendly people will do everything that you feel welcome in their beautiful country. Safari in Kenya, Africa is a thrilling experience that will haunt you forever, as it promises a lasting memory.

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